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Shroud has been publishing long and short fiction for almost seven years. In that time its contributors have been nominated for and received a number of awards to include the Bram Stoker Award, the British Fantasy Award, and more. In 2008, two of Shroud's anthologies made the long-list for the Bram Stoker award, with "Beneath the Surface" garnering the nomination. Shroud has also published several popular novellas, The Scandalous Misadventures of Hiram Grange, and twelve print issue and two digital issues.

Shroud Quarterly publishes literary speculative fiction with a dark orientation from 500 to 6000 words. Submissions may now include horror, suspense, mystery, noir, fantasy, science fiction, humor, long-form poetry, bizarro, or other forms of intelligent, experimental writing. We are interested in writing with an edge, but not interested in writing that is gratuitously violent, sexual, or graphic. If these elements occur within a story, we insist that they be an integral part of that story. In most cases, we prefer stories that rely on mood, atmosphere, well-crafted dialogue and sensory details to tell a well-thought-out tale.

Shroud now publishes a quarterly eBook edition for the leading eBook readers (Kindle, iBooks, Nook). Each year we compile the year's stories into a print omnibus edition.

Our entire print catalog is currently available.

Simultaneous submission are OK

Reprints are OK, but not preferred.

Up to two submissions per submission period are OK


500 - 1000 words: $25

2000 - 5000 words: $50

5000+ words: $65

We buy First Worldwide Serial and Electronic rights. Your rights revert back upon publication. Payment is upon publication and we do not offer a kill fee.

All submissions now go through SUBMITTABLE

Submit to Shroud Publishing LLC

We highly recommend that you buy a SAMPLE ISSUE in order to get a clear idea of our style and tone.

Please query first for nonfiction.

We are especially interested in dark literary fiction that demonstrates a keen proficiency in language and tone. We draw no distinction between good "literary fiction" and "genre fiction." If you are submitting your work for publication, then we assume that it has been revised several times and represents your best work.

What we have published:

Fiction with unique, flawed and interesting characters; Stories that rely on atmosphere and suspense to create a feeling of dread for the reader; Mythic horror in a real world setting; Classically-themed horror and suspense; Supernatural stories; Dark Fantasy; Noir.

Submission Format:

Please use the SUBMITTABLE Link

Submit to Shroud Publishing LLC

We have provided you with opportunities to support Shroud AND to receive detailed feedback on your submissions. This is optional, and NO FEE is required to be published in SHROUD QUARTERLY.

Simultaneous Submissions

Simultaneous submissions are okay, just let us know that it's a sim-sub and please let us know if it sells with ANY another publisher (regardless of the format, electronic etc.)

If your story is accepted elsewhere, we will not treat it as a reprint, nor will we continue to consider it for publication. If you fail to tell us it has been accepted elsewhere and we agree to publish it, our contractual agreement will be void.

Why do we do this? We receive hundreds of submissions every submission period and would much rather bring new, original, never-been published material to readers than material that has been published elsewhere.

Multiple Submissions

We accept multiple submissions -- please only send us no more than TWO stories at a time and do not send your next submissions until we give you a reply to the first two.


Discouraged. Query first please.


We do NOT accept hard copy submissions. However, we are willing to make reasonable accommodations should you need it.


PLEASE include a short (30 words +/-) bio with your Submittable submission

Response Time

Averages 3 to 4 weeks, but stories kept for further consideration by the editors may take additional time.


IMPORTANT: If you have NOT received an acknowledgment of receipt for your SHORT STORY within 1-5 Days of your submission then it is likely the submission was formatted incorrectly. We do appreciate your hard efforts and your creative vision, but with more than 350 submissions a month, if your submission is incorrectly formatted then it will be (unfortunately) deleted... sorry.


Please query with samples. We are actively looking for talented artists for covers and B&W interior illustrations.

Thank you for your support!

Submit to Shroud Publishing LLC